Win Ratio vs SWD (Eagles)

Updated on 31 May 2018

The team is based in George, and officially we haven't played them since 2005, as they haven't qualified to play in the top Currie Cup competition since then. We have played them 13 times, won 11, lost 2, drew 0, for a win ratio of 84.62%

Our detailed record against SWD since 1991:

Date Venue Competition Result Points For Points Against Tries For Tries Against
9/13/1997GeorgeCurrie CupWin2520??
5/22/1998Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin311933
7/17/1998Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose262734
8/29/1999GeorgeCurrie CupWin27030
9/4/1999Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(SF)Win8121113
10/1/2000GeorgeCurrie CupWin341732
5/5/2001GeorgeVodacom CupWin10910
7/20/2002GeorgeCurrie CupLose394465
8/16/2003GeorgeCurrie CupWin522974
10/04/2003Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin10414152
8/13/2004RAUCurrie CupWin511351
8/28/2004GeorgeCurrie CupWin361953
7/08/2005Ellis ParkCC QualifierWin561071