Win Ratio vs Eastern Province (Kings)

Updated on 31 May 2018

The team is based in Port Elizabeth. We have played them 33 times, won 30, lost 3, drew 0, for a win ratio of 90.91%

Our detailed record against Eastern Province since 1991:

Date Venue Competition Result Points For Points Against Tries For Tries Against
04/10/1991Ellis ParkYardley (F)Lose9120?
04/20/1991BloemfonteinTest Union DayWin37156?
04/27/1991PECurrie CupWin1561?
08/03/1991Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin33164?
05/02/1992Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin35294?
06/20/1992PECurrie CupWin4194?
6/5/1993PELion CupWin33123?
7/31/1993PECurrie CupWin43217?
10/2/1993Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin41195?
3/25/1994Ellis ParkMNetWin3334?
3/31/1994Ellis ParkSuper 10Win35155?
7/23/1994Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose28301?
7/30/1994Ellis ParkLion CupWin36123?
9/24/1994PECurrie CupWin26182?
7/8/1995PECurrie CupLose17312?
8/26/1995Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin45165?
6/22/1996Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin2214??
9/14/1996PECurrie CupWin2320??
7/26/1997PECurrie CupWin4613??
8/29/1998Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin432274
6/6/1999PECurrie CupWin221632
7/30/2000Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin382254
2/24/2001Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin251911
8/3/2001PECurrie CupWin301832
7/27/2002Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin551681
7/22/2005PECC QualifierWin291921
8/16/2014Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin601993
8/30/2014PECurrie CupWin412253
8/8/2015PECurrie CupWin511462
9/5/2015Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin372153
9/24/2016Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin717111